Humanity faces enormous challenges in the 21st century. We live in a world of multiple crises: the climate catastrophe and the questions around energy are a big part of that. Individual action is not the way to overcome these challenges. The real solution is a sustainable economy built on solidarity.

Technology- and competition-driven thinking is not a solution for the problems caused by the collapse of complex natural systems, the unaffordability of energy or the barriers to renewables. Indeed, the crisis’s causes are inseparable from how the economy operates today.

The question is how we can reorganize energy production and use in a way that addresses social inequities, supports the restoration of natural systems and minimizes harmful emissions that cause climate change.

The members of the Solidarity Economy Center (SEC) believe that the solution lies in democratic, consumer-owned, decentralized, renewable-based energy production.
Therefore, at Transformer we are working on community energy production and efficiency solutions based on cooperative principles. Transformer aims to develop a network of energy communities that are resistant to the vagaries of the market, bringing us closer to a just and green energy transition in Hungary based on social self-governance