Márton Fabók


Economist-social scientist (PhD), worked on socio-economic issues of energy transition in academia, NGOs and market organisations. He has been a member of the organisation since its foundation and is currently the coordinator of Transformator.

Fanni Sáfián-Farkas


Environmental geographer (ELTE Faculty of Science). She studied sustainable energy planning and management (Aalborg University, Denmark), and worked at Energiaklub, Klimapolitika Kft. and MEHI, as well as a volunteer researcher for the energy planning research group This way ahead! and the Small Local Communities Programme. Her main areas of interest are environmentally and socially sustainable energy management, energy efficiency in buildings and community energy production. Co-coordinator of Transformator.

Eszter Úr


Holds a Master’s degree in Human Ecology from ELTE and a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Corvinus University. She was a member of the College of Social Theory from 2017 to 2021, served on the board of Transformator from 2020 to 2022, and after a short break, she became a member again in June ’23. In addition to her communication tasks, she is currently researching community-based energy efficiency initiatives.

Ferenc Matisz


15 years experience in the Hungarian energy sector, more than 10 years as manager in multinanional companies. I have outstanding knowledge of the Hungarian electricity regulation, energymanagement and trading. Currently working as consultant in energy trading and retail business. Graduated as an economist in 2004, recently (in 2024) finished his Master’s degree in Human Ecology at ELTE.

Iringó Nemes


She earned her degree at the ELTE Faculty of Law and then worked as a lawyer in the field of equal opportunities. Since 2011, she has been involved in the implementation of projects in university ranks. At Transformator, she works in the field of Administration and Organizational Development.

Anita Szőllőssy


Graduated in Human Ecology from ELTE and in Regional and Environmental Economics from Corvinus University, than worked mainly on social research and awareness raising projects. Over the years, her main focus became municipalities and sustainable urban and rural development, including the preparation of strategies and action plans based on community involvement

Dávid Gelencsér


Graduated in Geography from the Faculty of Sciences of ELTE with a specialisation in renewable energy. The topic of his thesis was 4th Generation District Heating. Currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Geoinformatics at the Faculty of Informatics of ELTE. At Transformator, he works in the fields of Communication and Capacity-building.

Gabriella Zagyva


Graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Agriculture in Gödöllő as an agricultural engineer in the field of corporate economics and as a qualified accountant. During her university years, she became familiar with the grassland movement, and during her work, she worked for non-profit organizations (associations, foundations, municipalities) in the field of environmental protection as a project manager. Since 2019, she has lived in Alsómocsolád, where she works as a municipality environmental protection and climate referent and community developer, primarily in the creation of the local energy community and community energy projects. Since 2023 she has organized the online Climate Café and since 2024 she is ambassador to the EU Climate Pact.