Transformator is the community energy incubator of the Solidarity Economy Center (SEC).
We work in four fields to achieve our goals.

Capacity building

We are constantly looking for new energy-technology breakthroughs, and are aware of the current legal framework and financing opportunities. We support emerging energy communities with our knowledge hub on our website and on-demand individual consultations to provide the best solutions possible.


Strength in unity! We plan to provide networking opportunities for new and emerging energy communities to think together, share experiences and help each other.


The legal and funding possibilities of energy communities can always be improved. We are also fighting for the most favourable framework possible, by refining the legal form, public subsidies and strategic partnerships.


Transformator Community Energy Center aims to give more people access to news and information about community energy. We do this through communication: online campaigns, press coverage and presentations.

Our principles

Our work is defined by four principles:

Solidarity Economy


Common ownership


The aim of the solidarity economy movement is to ensure that the fundamental economic processes are not driven by the logic of profit maximization but by the real satisfaction of social needs. Transformer approaches energy supply in this spirit: to be able to be independent from big market players, to have democratic control and to be environmentally friendly we want to empower more and more local communities the produce and use their own energy that is needed for a decent human life.

We believe that energy should be no exception to democratic governance and that the key to this is the involvement of local communities. The principle of participation in community energy projects is achieved through shared ownership, action and decision-making. Sustainability is an important element of our work: the planet’s resources are finite, so community energy must be about a shift to renewables and energy conservation.